每日心得 Daily experience

Equanimity (upekkha), to be fully aware of all phenomena
without being lustful or averse towards them.

見思兩惑,見思兩惑,修行者應擺脫自我的見解,直覺,思考,認知,這些深入為主,在我心靈,但這不是真我,要從迷惑中洞察真理清淨生活,Monks, any form whatsoever that is past, future, or present; internal or external; blatant or subtle; common or sublime; far or near:
every form is to be seen as it actually is
with right discernment as: ‘This is not mine. This is not my self. This is not what I am.’

Any feeling whatsoever…
Any perception whatsoever…
Any fabrications whatsoever…
Any consciousness whatsoever
that is past, future, or present;
internal or external; blatant or subtle;
common or sublime; far or near:
every consciousness is to be seen as it actually is with right discernment as: ‘This is not mine. This is not my self. This is not what I am.’

Seeing thus…
the well-instructed disciple of the noble ones grows disenchanted with form,
disenchanted with feeling,
disenchanted with perception,
disenchanted with fabrications,
disenchanted with consciousness.

Disenchanted, he becomes dispassionate, through dispassion, he is fully released.
With full release, there is the knowledge…
Fully released; he discerns that ‘Birth is ended, the holy life fulfilled, the task done.
There is nothing further for this world.’

That is what the Blessed One said. 三結

Three fetters

Both the Saṅgīti Sutta  and the Dhammasaṅgaṇi refer to the “three fetters" as the first three in the aforementioned Sutta Pitaka list of ten:
1.belief in a self (sakkāya-diṭṭhi)
2.doubt (vicikicchā)
3.attachment to rites and rituals (sīlabbata-parāmāsa)

According to the Canon, these three fetters are eradicated by stream-enterers and once-returners.

Abhidhamma Pitaka’s list of ten fetters

女人最苦,我眼中的女人都是菩薩。Woman is the most bitter, In my eyes ,women are Buddha.

聽聞正道!? 為什麼還要靈動。? 哈哈
Some people say that meditation practice is sitting and dhamma study why moving?
Taiji meditation
=soft yoga
=dynamic meditation
=god qigong
=Smart Reiki
靈動是氣脈輪開天眼的關鍵。是現代世界各國唯一可共通的修行。Smart energy chakra is the key to open the heaven eye chakra. Is the only common practice in the modern world.

I deeply feel that money can be solved is a temporary problem !! care and enlightenment, a complete awakening of self-knowledge can solve the problem!

The past few years,I am very hospitable,all poor and humble , all can be subject to the care of Master Kunlun Hozn. Even far away Malaysia and Indonesia ,I am also kind to help solve the spiritual difficulties,doing for a long time. Really do not depends money whether or not.
Save the soul of suffering
Master Kunlun help you!!
那些沒錢吃飯的人, 如果這些字看不懂,就不必靜坐,趕快去找錢,看懂了,反省,改進缺點,努力向上,泓師就在您身邊,心靈幫助您!!!
if a person lack of money, can he do meditation without worries about his 3 times a day foods????
Master Kunlun Hozn said: “no money" ==>worry==> meditation ==> reflection ==> awakening ==>puzzle broken ==> Autonomous
If these words can not understand, do not have to meditation, else Master Kunlun Hozn will help you!!!

Save the soul of suffering
Master Kunlun help you!!

Dhamma can not be single , Tao should not be conservative, spirit inspired compassion.

七等覺支 Seven factors of enlightenment
<菩提道上的七色橋> “Seven Bridge on Bodhi Road
念覺支。 念住Mindfulness 心輪
擇法覺支。法住 Investigation 天眼輪
精進覺支。靈能 Energy 氣輪
喜覺支。  喜樂 Joy 性輪
輕安覺支。放鬆 Relaxation  底輪
定覺支。  苦集Concentration 肚輪
舍覺支。平等 Equanimity 頂輪

應無所住識無所住. 順勢而為精進覺支.
Should not abide in an object and thoughts.Take advantage of the situation into enlightenment

虛極守靜, 常明妄凶
Translation: Cultivator ‘s heart always calm and very open-minded and calm on the sidelines, to understand the operation of the conventional things, if did not follow the rules, it  will result a fierce omen.

Meditation quiet is to Do not touch thinking, inaction on the sidelines to a thorough awareness.

生命喔! 心不苦何以成佛, 苦集,苦滅,然後成道,眾生皆然 。
Life! No hard working can not be Buddha, all bitter , bitter end, and then enlightened, all beings are Buddha.

再次闡釋母娘佛道。Once again explain the mother Buddha Tao.
華嚴經‧入法界品 善財童子 第四十一參 母娘 摩耶夫人說:
善男子!如今世尊      我為其母,往昔未來
所有無量諸佛悉亦如是  母娘摩耶夫人  為千佛母。
崑崙泓師啟建            千佛母寺緣由。
梵文: mahā-vaipulya-buddhâvataṃsaka-sūtra
Good man! Now I am buddha mother, and as noted in the past and future that all Buddhas and I am the thousands Buddhas Mother.
Master Kunlun Hozn build the thousands of Buddha temple.

謝謝大家 崑崙泓師上
Dear brothers and sisters Hello:
Mother’s Kunlun Yozu Palace far away but
widespread International, Master Kunlun Hozn to Singapore,
Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka
Tao preaching Dharma to save the world, and
open Indonesian Mercy Temple, to promote
The fusion Mother Buddha Tao
Now the mother went to the distant
America Cuba, Mother Buddha Tao
has been gradually widespread, more
Fly over high, quiet and pure thinking
Penetration force, there are Mother spirit god power.
We have to get back to mankind
Good conscience, retro ecology, rounded
People heart, Mother Buddha Tao compassion
Thank you sincerely Kunlun Hozn

在紛擾的年代,綸巾羽扇. 四兩撥千斤。這就是修行。 艮山上巽風下,蠱卦順勢而為,逢兇化吉。

Calm,composed,skillfully deflected on troubled times. That’s meditation practices

[Into the Buddha enlighten Tao] and Tao confirmed Buddha, Buddhism and Taoism are the same, by Lao Tzu eighty-one teaching.
Modern thinking for Lao Tzu 81 teaching translated, Buddha,Tao and spirit of fusion, we are a world.
What I said the same is both Tao and Buddha thinking are very alike, Tao is a fusion, may be you did not come to Taiwan, Taiwan is both Tao and Buddha fusion,what I say is not the same between Buddhism and Taoims, please read carefully

Understanding the life law, then get Nirvana, first to change your own, your world may be changed.

一體五用 生滅是常 凡情所用 生滅無常。人生是情理法則。打翻了多不值得。 Life is the law of reason

是法住法位, 世間相常住 ,
smooth,smart, transparent, avoid impermanence.

Cuban mother leave for Cuba. Thank flying dock escorted mother to Cuba.
現在母娘又要到古巴,遠遠遠,超乎想像,唯有神能做到,感恩鴨子。古巴母娘奉送啟程。感謝飛天神鴨護送母娘到古巴。 Cuban mother leave for Cuba. Thank flying dock escorted mother to Cuba.

近代,布萊恩沃克,翻譯老子81化,佛道玄同,靈思融合,世界一家。Modern, brian browne walker, Lao Tzu 81 teaching translated, Buddhism,Taoism and spiritism of fusion, we are a world.

生命就是一直重來,直到您修行修過了! Life always come again and again,until you get your practice credit.
總是 一次又一次的重來,直到您越過了難關,看清世界,升級靈能,不再浮沈,這就是輪迴,每個人都要接受考驗,做人就是這樣。

Life is always doing again and again, until you have crossed the difficulties, the suffering in this life, feeling off, money off, life and death,
Always again and again, until you cross the storm, see the world, upgrade spiritual Psionic, no ups and downs, this is reincarnation, everyone should be tested, life is like that.

華嚴經‧入法界品 善財童子 第四十一參 母娘 摩耶夫人說:
善男子!如今世尊      我為其母,往昔未來
所有無量諸佛悉亦如是  母娘摩耶夫人  為千佛母。
崑崙泓師啟建            千佛母寺緣由。
梵文: mahā-vaipulya-buddhâvataṃsaka-sūtra
Good man! Now I am buddha mother, and as noted in the past and future that all Buddhas and I am the thousands Buddhas Mother.
Master Kunlun Hozn build the thousands of Buddha temple.

臺灣的宗教是融合性的,跟泓師學習等於打開整個宇宙。Taiwan’s religion is a fusion, study with master Kunlun Hozn is equal to open the entire universe.
帕拉宏撒·尤迦南達(Paramahansa Yogananda) ,
來自印度的瑜伽士、上師,透過他的書《一個瑜伽行者的自傳》將冥想和克利亞瑜伽的教誨引介給上百萬西方人 You are walking on the earth as in a dream. Our world is a dream within a dream; you must realize that to find God is the only goal, the only purpose, for which you are here. For Him alone you exist. Him you must find."   「你活在地上如同活在夢中,這個世界是夢中夢,必須瞭悟找到上帝才是唯一的出口、目的,也是你在這裡的理由。你只為祂而存在、你必得找到祂。」







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民國106丁酉年(2017)年崑崙山母娘點燈..光明燈.Bright Lights..太歲燈.Tai Sui lights..虎財燈.Tiger fiscal lights. 狀元拜相燈.Champion lights ..

民國106丁酉年(2017)年崑崙山母娘點燈..光明燈.Bright Lights..太歲燈.Tai Sui lights..虎財燈.Tiger fiscal lights. 狀元拜相燈.Champion lights ..

 民國106丁酉年(2017)年崑崙山母娘點燈..光明燈.Bright Lights..太歲燈.Tai Sui lights..虎財燈.Tiger fiscal lights. 狀元拜相燈.Champion lights ..

民國106丁酉年(2017)年母娘光明燈Optical light 每盞新台幣$300元(Nt$300)

這是崑崙山瑤池宮的點燈圓柱…This is the lighting columns of the Kunlun Yozu Palace …

每年約有上千名信徒在此點燈…Each year about thousands of believers  light Mu Niang lamps in Kunlun…

崑崙山瑤池宮母娘神威顯赫.. Mu Niang perform  prominent divinity in Kunlun Yozu Palace..

母娘點燈照亮寰宇..Mu Niang’s lamps illuminate Universe ..

這是一份長遠的祝福與母娘的守護..This is a long-term blessing and  the guardian of  Mu Niang ..

讓你成長讓妳進步..Allows you to make you grow and progress ..

壹: 母娘光明燈 Mother Bright light…母燈護身好運連連.Mu Niang Lamps ..Good Luck!!!




母娘點燈十二願   Mu Niang lighting  Twelve willing

壹願:  事業興旺.仕途高昇   1st wish: Bussiness prosperity. Career soaring

貳願:身體健康.長命百歲    2nd wish: Good health long life

參願:招財進寶.金玉滿堂     3rd wish: Good Fortune. Feast

肆願:四季無災.八節有慶     4th wish:  Four seasons without disaster. Eight solar terms have celebration.

伍願:學業進步.青春快樂      5th wish:  Academic progress. Youthful happiness

陸願:家庭和樂.兒孫滿堂  6th wish: harmonious family. Full of Children

柒願:人間有情.真愛相隨    7th wish: Heart of Gold. Love is everywhere.

捌願:法喜充滿.心神安寧     8th wish: Full Happiness, Ataraxia

玖願:家宅平安.富貴豐饒    9th wish: the family home safely. Rich rich

拾願:美夢成真.所求如願   10th wish: The dream comes true. The request to do so

拾壹願:闔家團圓.喜事臨門   11th wish: Family-reunion. Wedding Blessings

拾貳願:諸事如意.好運連年  12th wish:everything go wishful. Good luck year after year

(每名新台幣三佰元 Each Nt$300)

民國106丁酉年(2017)年母娘光明燈Optical light 每盞新台幣$300元(Nt$300)

..請以ATM轉帳   銀行代碼:700【郵局】帳號:0051008-1745371   或.. 請利用郵政劃撥30369259 陳泓仁  並註明你的姓名..住址..牲肖..及要點燈的種類

indicate your name address .. .. ..  the type of lighting..
Beneficiary Bank : Citibank Taiwan LTD Taipei,  Taiwan, R.O.C..,
Swift Code: CITITWTX.
ADD:No.320,Chuiyang Rd,East Dist.,  Chiayi City 600,Taiwan R.O.C.
Beneficiary Name : Chen Horng Ren
Beneficiary Account No :9150707373
Beneficiary Telephone No : 886937618850
母娘慈悲賜福 …咨詢05-2534791  e-mail: akingate@hotmail.com
Mu Niang mercy bless …consulting 05-2534791 e-mail: akingate@hotmail.com
崑崙山每逢農曆初一十五皆為點燈信徒..誦經祈福  Kunlun Mountains, the first and fifteenth every lunar  are chanting prayers for all lighting believers ..

:民國103甲午年(2014)年 太歲燈.. Jupiter light..

崑崙山瑤池宮民國103甲午年(2014)年 太歲燈每名新台幣伍佰元(NT$500)

民國106丁酉年(2017)年太歲唐杰星君 太歲燈點燈祈福

Year (2014) in  Jupiter Light  Lighting blessing

民國106丁酉年(2017)年太歲 犯正沖者..  Year  who was guilty of being red ..

屬雞/屬兔    The Chicken / Rabbit

民國106丁酉年(2017)犯偏沖者…  Year who was guilty of partial red …

屬鼠/屬馬   The Mouse / House

民國106丁酉年(2017)年太歲..每盞新台幣伍佰元 Point  Year  in Jupiter Light . Five hundred NT$ per lamp

民國106丁酉年(2017)年太歲太歲符  charm in Jupiter

太歲符  Tai Sae Charm


參: 3: 文昌武曲 Wenchang  Wu Qu 狀元拜相燈..Champion Prime minister lights

瑤池西王金母娘娘御賜.. Yozu Mu Niang Gift

狀元拜相銅匾..Copper plaque 事業開展..Business to carry out ..

狀元及第..Foremost person in the field 金榜題名..Examination Success

仕途高昇..Career soaring 學業進步..Academic progress ..

早生貴子..Got Baby


狀元拜相銅匾;Champion Prime minister Copper Plaque;

據說這是乾隆皇御賜科舉狀元的銅匾 It is said to Emperor Qianlong Gift Champion Prime minister Copper Plaque;

崑崙祖師年輕的時候從厦門進入大陸 Kunlun founder young to enter the mainland from the Xiamen

適當的機緣輾轉穫得此寶物.. Appropriate opportunity obtains this treasure ..

帶回來放在瑤池宮內.. Brought back on the Yozu Palace

此銅匾歷史已超過百年歷史 The history of Copper Plaque is more than a century

母娘灌頂真言 Mu Niang Blessing mantra !!!

北斗九辰  Beidou nine gods     中天大神  God in the big

上朝金闕  Towards a imperial palace    下覆崑崙  Covered under the Kunlun

調理綱紀  Conditioning discipline    統制乾坤 Control universe

大魁貪狼  Candidate,Entertainer    巨門祿存  Examiner,Crown

文曲廉貞  Composer,Thrift    武曲破軍  Knight,Raider

高上玉皇  High on the Jade Emperor    紫微帝君  Purple King

大周天界  celestial sphere    細入微塵  Fine into the dust

何災不滅  Any disaster will extinguish    何福不臻  Any blessing will attain

元皇正炁  The original emperor has strong energy!!!    來合我身  The strong energy comes to my body!!

天罡所指 Referred to the Plows  晝夜常輪  Day and night, often Operates

俗居小人  an Secular unimportant person  好道求靈  seeking spiritual for Taoism

願見尊儀  Would like to see the respect God!! 永保長生  Eternal longevity

三台虛精  Three flats : virtual fine 六淳曲生  Six pure ,  Lives curving

生我養我  Birth me , Raise me 護我身形 Protect my body!!!


母娘灌頂御賜  Mu Niang Blessing Gift!!!

文昌武曲 Wenchang  Wu Qu 狀元拜相燈..Champion Prime minister lights


特:白虎尊神虎財燈..White Tiger deity..(Tiger fiscal lights)

瑤池西王金母娘娘腳力..The assistant of West Yozu Mu Niang

西方金財位–白虎尊神..White Tiger deity..(Golden West Financial position)

求財求福虎爺最靈..seek happiness and money. White Tiger deity is spiritual

(每名新台幣伍佰元) (Five hundred per NT)

瑤池宮有聞名全省十八尺白虎尊神,Yozu Palace is known for White Tiger deity which is eighteen feet,

這是母娘的腳力,This is the assistant of West Yozu Mu Niang

古代有五行方位,There are five elements of ancient position,

以地球中土為中心  as a center of the earth

天體有四象  There are four beasts in heaven!!!

即東西南北有四獸鎮守,There are four beasts that guard the East and West,North,South

東宮青龍屬木,南宮朱雀屬火,East is a dragon belong to wood,South is red phoenix belong to fire.

西宮白虎屬金,北宮玄武屬水,West is white tiger belong to gold,North is Black Tortoise belong to water!!!

五行之中西方屬金為尊位, Among the five elements  Western is belong to gold For the high places,

西方有瑤池西王金母,The Western lives Yozu Golden Queen Mother

母養群品、極化長存、Parent support group materials, polarization forever,

位配西方、以白虎尊神為腳力 Position with the West, The assistant is white tiger deity.

就是這個緣故  That Is for this reason

請利用郵政劃撥30369259 陳泓仁  並註明你的姓名..住址..牲肖..及要點燈的種類 indicate the address and your name ..and animal Xiao, the type of lighting

母娘慈悲賜福   Mu Niang blessing you

咨詢Consulting  05-2534791  e-mail: akingate@hotmail.com


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誰為佛陀入涅槃受記印證by 崑崙泓師 Who confirms the Buddha seal for Sakyamuni

誰為佛陀入涅槃受記印證by 崑崙泓師 Who confirms the Buddha seal for Sakyamuni

誰為佛陀入涅槃受記印證 Who confirms the Buddha seal for Sakyamuni
淨壇神咒  Net Altar mantra
太上說法時。When Laozi preachs Taoism
金鐘響玉音。 Gold bell rings pleasing sounds

Hundreds of organisms possess everywhere

All Demons protect tall and erect forests

天花散法雨。The sky sprinkles the law rains

法鼓振迷沈。  Drum beat and Cheer obsessed.

諸天賡善哉。 The heavens Praise Taoism .

Golden Boys dance and play stringed instruments.

願傾八霞光 Willing to pour eight rays.

照依皈依心。 According to convert the heart.

蚤法大法稿。 Flea law makes big draft

翼侍五雲深。 Flying to five color Cloud.

急急如律令   Rush As Imperative order

Mother confirms the Buddha seal for Sakyamuni.

When Sakyamuni is going die to Nirvana! Who confirms the Buddha seal for Sakyamuni?

《雜阿含經》(梵語:sa?yuktagama) 佛陀在涅槃前告訴弟子,得要依經、依律
來審查判斷,而不盲信任何人。 被認為是最接近早期佛經原貌的佛陀言論集。
“Miscellaneous Agama" (Sanskrit: sa?yuktagama) before Nirvana Buddha told his disciples
according to law to review the judgment, and not blind anyone. It is considered to be
closest to the original Buddha of early Buddhist remarks set.

Goddess Maha Maya come to monastery from heaven. Alas. How sad indeed!!!

My son is experiencing asa?khyeya disaster. meditation hard working. Regardless of
the labor body. Accumulating virtue Buddha.

今者忽然消滅。而說偈言: 我是佛親母,我子積苦行.
My son suddenly eliminated. The Poetry said: I am Buddha mother, my son is ascetic.

Experienced numerous disaster, exactly as truth, weep sad, this law suddenly forgotten,
alas wise, where to find?

Reciting classic discarding dissuasion defendants,Classics from the mouth of Buddha,
Buddha’s disciples do not have to respect the title of kings,Monk practice,
Lodging in mountain forest.

This is true Buddha son, why this location? In today’s world, there is no such mighty
virtue, wilderness mountain forest gods silence speechless.

Implementation of the precepts of compassion beings,Believe in the precepts of solemn self,
Insults straight,Observe all good and evil,This is all good law,Now suddenly been exhausted.

Queen Maha Maya confirms the Buddha seal into Nirvana for Sakyamuni.Tao do have,
is a road,

Religious just to the transport of consciousness side, cars, high train, bicycle with
your election, to the Spirit source side ! Do not persistent your car.

可以因母娘把佛道靈都通合,就像智慧手機,這英文叫all in one,
Integrated because the Mu Niang. The Buddhism, Taoism,Spirituality through together,
like smart phones, which in English is called all in one,

Each religions such as traditional Chinese medicine, a single prescription will not solve
the sufferings of life. It must unification of all religions from Statecraft recipe, only
the Wu Chi Mu Niang can make it.

Whether you’re all religions! Mary, Goddess, Guanyin,West Queen Mother,Wu Chi
mother are attributable to one ! that is Mu Niang, God!

Master Kunlun lifelong convey Mu Niang method enforcement , but the era of progress,
we must advance with the times! To make it easier to accept the mother Mu Niang !!

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崑崙山老靈乩肺腑之言 Old spirit mediums heartfelt words

崑崙山老靈乩肺腑之言 Old spirit mediums heartfelt words

張貼在 末劫救世 泓仁導師 Doomsday Savior Psychic Master Hozn | 發表留言