道教正一派 Taoism Zheng Yi PAi




taoist priest

taoist priest 道士


道教正一派  Taoism  Zheng Yi PAi

(嗣漢天師府) 歷代張天師的祀神和生活起居之所。(Heavenly House Si Han) The place of Heavenly Master Chang daily life.

天師道(五斗米道、正一派) Tian Tao (Wu do mee、Zheng Yi PAi)

天師張道陵在東漢創教時,Heavenly Master Chang Tao-ling,
founding in the Eastern Han Dynasty,

奉太上老君為道教的始祖,以道德經為經典。Lord Lao Zi
Feng as the founder of Taoism, the Tao Te Ching as a classic.

Master Chang Fell monsters for people, exorcism,
teaching people Immortals.

正一派的科儀 Tech of  Zheng Yi PAi

沐浴齋戒 : 祭神前使自己身心清潔,言行規整。Fast bath: the former to make their own physical and
mental cleansing ritual, words and deeds structured,

Ritual altar arrangement


Set up Temple …Power cause to the divine law … blow,
pull, fight, read, speak and write.

步罡踏斗走方位(Bugangtadou)…Step gang treads fights…Take the
position …

道士 運神飛奏或遣神召將 Taoist priest  Use divine
power Flying petitioned Or call to God

「變身運雷」:Change use lightning

要有 氣功基礎、手訣、咒語、傳神、召將、伏妖

Need  Qi-gong
based, Hand formula,Incantation, Expressive, summon , To bend down the monster

正一派 授籙 傳度 (農曆十月十五)

Zheng Yi PAi  Grant memo
Pass degree   (Lunar October 15)

約公元215-220年.. about AD 215-220 ..

逢三元日(正月十五、七月十五、十月十五)Day (Jan 15, July 15, October 15)

升壇 傳度授籙,弘揚道教,Rises altar  Pass
degree granted memo, promote Taoism,

開創了龍虎山天師道 升壇授籙傳度

Created the designation of Taoism  Rises altar
Pass degree granted memo.

(符籙是道家之秘笈) charm is the Taoist secrets


Pass degrees granted memo – Name board paradise- Be a
Taoist priest


Conversion, “Tao,scriptures , division," Sambo,
apprentice humanely

授籙品級。法籙分五級︰Granted memo grade. Law memo points
five ︰


1) the initial grant of “太(tài) 上(shàng) 三(sān) 五(wǔ) 都(dōu) 功(gōng) 經(jīng) 籙(lù) " (the six or seven items Title)


2) l grant “正(zhèng) 一(yī) 盟(méng) 威(wēi) 經(jīng) 籙(lù) " (the four or five items Title)


3) Add granted “上(shàng) 清(qīng) 五(wǔ) 雷(léi) 經(jīng) 籙(lù) " (title of this Mishina)


4) add up to “上(shàng) 清(qīng) 三(sān) 洞(dòng) 五(wǔ) 雷(léi) 經(jīng) 籙(lù) " (this is at the second Title)


5) up again, “上(shàng) 清(qīng) 大(dà) 洞(dòng) 經(jīng) 籙(lù) " (title of this is a product, is a real title of
Heavenly Master, grant no more than normal)

Three Refuges, nine commandments, twelve willing 「三皈」即皈依︰Three Refuges

太上無極大道元始天尊(道寶 Tao Po)、

太(tài) 上(shàng) 無(wú) 極(jí) 大(dà) 道(dào) 元(yuán) 始(shǐ) 天(tiān) 尊(zūn)

三十六部尊經錄寶天尊(經寶 via Po),

三(sān) 十(shí) 六(liù) 部(bù) 尊(zūn) 經(jīng) 錄(lù) 寶(bǎo) 天(tiān) 尊(zūn)

玄中大法宗師道德天尊(師寶Division Po),

玄(xuán) 中(zhōng) 大(dà) 法(fǎ) 宗(zōng) 師(shī) 道(dào) 德(dé) 天(tiān) 尊(zūn)


Referred to as “道(Tào) 、經(jīng) 、師(shī) " Sambo

「九戒律」即︰"Nine Commandments" that ︰

一者 One


Thrifty, patriotic law-abiding, was a student of true



Respect to, honor their parents, is the first true ring;



Do not kill, Ci to save sentient beings, is holding true



Is not prostitution, are living things, is necessary to
keep true ring;



Do not steal, push the meaning of loss has been, is
fidelity ring;



Not angry, fierce anger bully, comprehension ring;



Not fraud, flatter thieves damage the good, the true



No Arrogance, pride suddenly to true, is it really ring;



the one and only way, Presents single-minded, is board
really quit ring.

在道場圓滿時,Successful in the temple,

三大師率眾籙生 Three Masters mobilize memo

要在祖師面前發十二願, Made twelve willing In front of

一願乾坤明索;One is willing to  Heaven and earth Clearly;

二願氣象清圓;Two is willing to  Weather clear round;

is willing to   Main Health;

Four is willing to  Harmonious

is willing to  Days down manna;

六願地發祥煙;Six is willing to earth Fat good

七願四時順序;Seven is willing to Seasons in order;

八願萬物生全;Eight is willing to  All things grow;

九願家多孝悌;Nine is willing to  Home more than filial piety

十願國富才賢;Ten is willing to  The Nations Wealth  Human virtues;

十一願 籙生受福;Eleven is willing to Memo Health

十二願 道教興盛。Twelve is willing to Taoism Prosperity.

About 崑崙泓師 Psychic Master Kunlun Hozn

崑崙泓師靈修.啟靈.通靈請教 Doomsday Savior Psychic Master Hozn Spirit medium,Psychic advice, Dynamic meditation 冥想 Meditation 清靜 Quiet 禪意 Zen 無為 Inaction 靈修 Spirituality 氣功靈動 spirit Qigong 崑崙泓師靈修.啟靈.通靈請教.美術鑑賞 Doomsday Savior Kunlun Hozn Psychic-Master Spirit medium,Psychic advice, Dynamic meditation,Art Appreciation 台灣崑崙泓師 手機 0937618850 Cell phone+886-937618850 崑崙泓師 LINE_logo ID: kunlunhozn E-mail akingate@hotmail.com facebook臉書帳號: 崑崙泓師 Kunlun Hozn Psychic-Master 崑崙山瑤池宮住持 崑崙泓師住址: 60691嘉義縣中埔鄉中崙40之8號 Address: No.40-8, Zhonglun, Zhongpu Township, Chiayi County 606, Taiwan (R.O.C.) 60691 Kunlun Hozn Psychic-Master Abbot of Kunlun Yozu Palace 網站: https://akingate.wordpress.com/ 南二高下中埔交流道往中埔.西拉雅.大埔方向.台3線公路300.6公里右轉上山 Master Kunlun Hozn’s Confessions of Heart Sutra 崑崙泓師 心經的靈語 I am the Apostle from “Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva”, but I always suffered difficulty and catastrophe. 我是觀音母娘的使徒,但艱苦困難總是隨身 “Prajna-paramita” is my deeply practicing feeling when I was in Mountains meditation practice. 般若波羅蜜多就是我深山修行的深切感受, I get to know human world with my deeply practicing feelings through watching, Sensations, perceptions, impressions, and consciousness. 我感受到這世界從看見,感受,思想,行動,以至認知. All the feelings in the human world are nothing, temporary and invisible. 以上這些感受在這世界上都是空的,暫時的,不被看見的 All the feelings can be switched to the Spirit Energy of “Sariputra”. 但看見,感受,思想,行動,認知,卻轉化成舍利子的靈能量. The “Sariputra” is original energy of vacant spirit, neither appearing nor disappearing, neither impure nor pure, neither increasing nor decreasing. 這舍利子的靈能量是諸法門的空靈能量源頭,不生不滅。不垢不淨。不增不減。 In my life, I always got facing problem. 我的一生艱困. The secular is temporary and empty. Do not take it serious as a real from Into, live, bad to empty. 但世事如雲煙,轉眼成空.不必在意成住壞空的假象 I am peaceful in brainstorming and the understanding of Heart Spirit Rules. 而我清靜思考,透徹心靈 My soul do not be hoodwinked by the External Feeling such as form of eyes, voice of ears, smell of nose, taste of mouth, touch of body and rules of thinking. 不被眼睛的情色,耳朵的聲音,鼻子的嗅香,口舌的甘味,身體的觸感,意念的法則,等外在的感覺蒙蔽內心靈魂. I wrote the Mu Niang Bible for my all life from the visible world to the invisible world. 我一生啟靈著作母娘聖經,從眼中所看的世界到看不見的無形世界. I have gone beyond the fixed pattern of written Expression. 我超越了文字表達的固定模式. From the thinking mind of active consciousness to Inaction spirit of unconscious. 從主動意識想像的心靈到無為無意識的靈神狀態. Although all people cannot understand my thinking, but I point out the empty spirit, God, Buddha, the hierarchical relationship. 雖然眾人難以理解我的思緒,但我點出空,靈,神,佛的層次關係 So, on empty; whether you understand or do not understand. 所以,對空的道理;不管您了解或是不了解. After all; Tao is operating constantly. 終究;道的運行始終不變 Human has illness and death, but the soul has not old and death. 人類有生老病死,但靈魂卻無老死. The Practice of suffering, accumulation, cessation, and Tao is neither for growing wisdom nor for getting what you want. 苦,寂,滅,道的修行,不是在成就智慧,也不是想要有所得到. That is to become the Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva to save the people. 而是成為救苦救難的觀自在菩薩. I trekked and was in Mountains meditation practice for 17 years. 我十七年來的長途跋涉,深山修行 To rely on prajna-paramita I understand my destiny. 從體認般若波羅蜜多大智慧進而了解自己天命. I go peacefully with the fate, no worries, no trouble, no terror. 我一切隨緣清靜, 心無牽掛,阻礙,恐怖。 From confused to realized, I escaped from distorted dream. 從迷到悟,我遠離了一切顛倒夢想。 Uphold the firm belief. All Buddha of the past, present and future bless me. 秉持堅定信念,三世諸佛菩薩保佑 To rely on prajna-paramita leads to the opposite…Nirvana 依般若波羅蜜多大智慧便能到彼岸,登涅槃, Attain the anuttara-samyak-sambodhi which is the upper energy of vacant spirit. 得阿耨多羅三藐三菩提的上乘空靈能量. Therefore, know that prajna-paramita is the great transcendent mantra, the great bright mantra, the supreme mantra, the unequalled balanced mantra 所以般若波羅蜜多心經是是大神咒。是大明咒。是無上咒。是無等等咒。 能掃除一切苦厄。真實不虛假。 That can eliminate all suffering, and is real, not false. “揭諦揭諦 波羅揭諦 波羅僧揭諦 菩提薩婆訶” “gate, gate, paragate, parasamgate, bodhi, svaha!”
本篇發表於 諸天神佛, 崑崙山王母娘娘, 母娘十二相。將永久鏈結加入書籤。



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