Basic Meditation Practice in Tao: 修行基本功

Basic Meditation Practice in Tao: 修行基本功
The purging three sins Mantra. 淨三業神咒.
There are thirty-six thousand spirits within the body.
身中諸內境。 三萬六千神. All the behaviors always reflect catastrophes and sins.
動作履行藏。 前劫並後業。
Hope I am being comfort in Tao. Stay on “Sambo”.
When the catastrophe comes, I am always immortal.
When Recite the True mantra, the sins of the “body, mind, mouth” are clean.
誦此真文時 身、心、口業皆清淨。
Execute the order with haste.

I am Master Kunlun Hozn in Taiwan. Today I want to talk about Basic Meditation Practice in Tao.
我是台灣崑崙山泓師父,今天要談修行基本功 Normally, people will question why we have to practice?  What are the purposes?
I informed, in our whole life, we always concern about “Status”, “Benefit” and “Money”. We cannot stick on all our belongings after we leave this world, pass away.
But only meditation practice which we can apply to improve and increase our “Past, Present & Future Spirit Energy “, enable us to achieve the high level spirit in next life.
That is why we have to apply the effectiveness and efficiency way while learn practice.
What do we have to practice?  Means we have to practice the correct way especially in “communication” and “relationship”.
Internal practice are “Body, Mind and Spirit”, whereas External are “Financial (Money), Status (Occupation) and Benefit (Daily Life Style).
It is easy to say but is difficult to practice.
Some practitioner just like to practice high level inspiring spirit and dynamic meditation.
If they did not have a firm foundation in “Basic Meditation Practice in Tao”, they could not achieve high level.
That why, we have to know what is the real ways to practice.
For example, when we build a high building, we must have a strong and firm foundation. Meditation practice is also the same.

Basic meditation practice No. 1: Practice how to behave as a human.
Practice makes subtle wisdom which always hides in city people.  We have to practice good relationship between people.
To build good relationship between people not only worship Gods but also respect human.
If fail in relationship, any success in fame, business, practice would be meaningless.
Practice is not concentrate on me  and also not as a “Trade” among people.
Vice versa, meditation practice is “Communication between Spirits”. The “Communication between Spirits” is the effective way to achieve the high spiritual level.
Practice has to start from humble. Behavior is in low profile.
Haughtiness cannot make progress forever. For example, A bottle with full water and we cannot keep on pour the water into it.


Basic meditation Practice No. 2: Practice in peaceful.
Peaceful does not means empty or keep it away. That is inaction.
If problem in your mind, you just empty or keep it away.
You did not manage it and will feel disturbed forever.
To achieve peaceful, we have to allow the problem precipitated.
For example, the polluted water, if we let it precipitate. The water will become clear and clean.
You will find the true face of trouble and it is easy to overcome the problem finally.
Therefore, meditation practice must achieve peaceful. Doing nothing until the trouble is clear and we can easily solve it.
Peaceful, Meditation, Inaction, Thinking and Reflection these all are related among each other.
A day got four range of meditation practice. Suitable Meditation Time Frame: 5:00~7:00 (morning and evening) and 11:00~ 01:00 (noon and midnight).
一天中早上和晚上的 5:00~7:00 和 11:00~ 01:00 共有四個靜坐時辰
When practice meditation, we cannot let our mind empty without thinking.  Also we cannot obstruct our blood circulation and get stuck at our legs.
When we are in peaceful situation, we can monitor all the people and things around us clearly.
Thinking over carefully will get precipitation, then we can achieve the real peaceful and quiet.
“The whole life long always feels peaceful”, this is the firm foundation  from “Basic Meditation Practice in Tao”.

Basic Meditation Practice No.3: Economy (Financial), Status (Occupation), Proof from Life Experience
***修行基本功:第三就是修 (財,官,印)
Practice start from our internal body, mind and spirit. Before start practice internal spirit, we have to practice well our (Economy/ Financial), Status (Occupation), Proof from life Experience.
For example, the mother would like to go home take her dinner while raining.

She carried a baby at her back and one hand hold a kid, she also the other hand hold an umbrella and her dinner foods.

She concentrated on the traffic at the road. At the same time, she also had to take care of two kids.

From the said story, we learn that we must practice like this mother (can do multi task at the same time). As special to practice well in Economy (Financial), Status (Occupation), Proof form life experience.

We have managed well our basic life needed as special in Economy (Financial). Then learn more about meditation practice.

In the other circumstances, when human have been rich, they will forget to practice and take it easy on what they practice before.

On the other hand, when human become very poor, they will automatic start to meditation practice frequently.

Normally said, people like to take care of their basic life requirement first than only care of Gods.

If we do not have foundation in basic economy then we have to practice hard working.

Hard working practice process, cannot work behind closed doors, also cannot be percept in bad image by people.

Buddha Sakyamuni did not separate away from people when do meditation practice within six years.

I am Master Hozn. I practiced at the Kunlun Mountain in Taiwan for twelve years. My major objective is to let “Tao” dedicate to all the practitioners all over the world.

Practice has to follow and accept modernization, even though in the deep mountains.


Basic Meditation Practice No. 4: Practice Modernization.

In the advance and modern century, practice should not just base on the religious books or mantras.

Not just repeat to pray mantra, every words and sentences are stick there, only brainstorming deeply and apply it in our daily life.不能反覆的背誦咒語,文字是死的,唯有思考才能活用

In the other word, practice have to accept and percept in modernization.
Nowadays, human beings like a train on the time railways.

The more progress in modern society, the faster move on the train, the ignorant human still stick on their own private interests, do not know what the end of modern society?

Our Practice is to avoid the catastrophe of the train which is going toward the abyss without the bottom.

You must understand the destiny which God had given, to be a capable man.

To practice high end in modern society, then you can reverse or avoid the catastrophe, saving the world!

Due to got destiny from God, all tasks can manage well and be flexible, not impulsive.
因為天命的緣故,世事都能屈能伸,處事圓融, 不會意氣用事.

Turn back disaster in time and everything is harmony focus, tend toward good luck!
及時轉彎, 避免兇厄,凡事收圓,趨向吉利,

Starting from peaceful practice towards modernization, charity service, enable us create a brave new life.


Basic Meditation Practice No : 5 Practice “Tao”

Religion is created by human but “Tao” has been existed since long time ago.

“Tao” consisted by Human Tai Chi world and time frame.

In advance technology world, “Tao” should dedicate to all practitioners all over the world.
資訊發展促成了全球化, ”道”也要廣佈世界.

Practice meditation is infinite, no matter what religions, Spirit cannot be limited.

Foods from natural and healthy could take whenever needed.

But we like to learn the Universe. There is a supreme God who creates all the things and their souls.

The name of the supreme God is different from various religions. But I believe all the names point out the same God!!!

“Tao” is a common thinking.  “Tao” combines with various race and culture.

Practitioners should communicate each other, exchange perception, and become a “Tao” team member.

Give hands to help wherever or whenever needed in charity services to save the world.


Basic Meditation Practice No: 6   Practice the dynamic Body, Mind, Spirit.

Peaceful meditation is like clean, clear water at the pool. The clean water contains microorganism to raise aquatic. The internal of the peaceful pool is dynamic all the time.

Therefore, Peaceful meditation can adjust our life quality effectively. This is “Life program update”.

Practice “Sambo” means moving “Body”, “Mind” and “Spirit” in quiet.

Our body is not unused things. A healthy body needs daily exercise and spiritual meditation practice.

If you are not healthy, no matter how you practice, it is not valuable and meaningless.

Our mind has to filter information rapidly in order to reflect.

Too much good knowledge in brain for a long time will become rubbish information which makes people slow down and lazy.

One of the best exercises is dynamic meditation to adjust “Body”, “Mind” and “Spirit”.

“Body movement”, “Mind thinking” and “Spirit inspiring” are combined in one.

Peaceful mind to practice dynamic meditation do not inspire high level spirit energy just do what you want.

This is Basic Meditation Practice in Tao 這就是修行基本功

I (Master Kunlun Hozn from Taiwan) would like to thank you to Big Brother Mr. Matt O’Mally who help and arrange me and “Mu Niang” to visit Penang, Malaysia (dated 30.07.2012 – 02.08.2012) successfully.
We also thank you to “Zhe Yi Kong” and all other Penang Practitioner who give a warmest support. As an appreciation, we attached here with a video clip to share with all practitioner.  Once again, thank you so much to all the party concern!

  • English Translator: Yip Lye Chun (From Penang, Malaysia).

此要感謝大哥Matt O’Malley的幫助,讓我和母娘得以來馬來西亞檳城,訪問救世崑崙宮也感謝紫玉宮與其他愛護泓師的師兄師姐們,讓我見識到檳城人的熱情,無以回報,僅以此影帶與各位分享謝謝大家.
英文翻譯: 叶 丽 珍(馬來西亞檳城)

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本篇發表於 末劫救世 泓仁導師 Doomsday Savior Psychic Master Hozn。將永久鏈結加入書籤。


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