龜山仙母變化玄錄Gold Mother Changes Secret Record 母娘聖經 Mu Niang Bible 209

龜山仙母變化玄錄Gold Mother Changes Secret Record  母娘聖經 Mu Niang Bible 209

Section 23 : Gold Mother Changes Secret Record



The “Gui Shan ‘ nine spirit real immortal mothers, the Yuan mixes the spirit of King, the length is about 70 million ten feet.

In Spring Calendar of March, the head constructs valuable jade to hold early morning the crest, takes the cotton wool spirit floating clouds, wears the Kowloon brocade, the feather skirt waistband class gold. “Hot Bell Tiger Dragon Mantra Long Book”, sits in the outer space, above Dan malachite green tricolor cloud. The illumination shining hole reflects purple Qing, thinks of length seven inches seven points.The summer in March, immortal mother distortion is the phoenixes of nine colour with a body and nine heads. The bright colors shining and colourful ,  the hole illuminates the universe, thinks of also the counter-real shape.



In Summer calendar of March, the immortal mother becomes the human form phoenix head, the clothes with nine colors flies Yunjin to enjoin, the waist takes along to give to the spirit purple colorful silk ribbon, sets up the clouds of nine color.The bright shining, understands thoroughly last Qing, thinks of also the counter-real shape.

In winter calendar of March, the immortal mother distorts for the purple, blue, yellow and tricolor light, the tired stack, the heavy feel bludger, light Mingdong sends. This counter-nine spirits Qi. Was built up the Yuan to mix the essence of King, thinks, human real shape.


Actually, the “Yao Chi Holy Tao” itself origin souls prophets are only then existence, this is the arrangement combination of proton neutron, a narration “Yuan record” that since the Mother in the spirit paradise, the president numerous immortals, the spirit world prophet changes regarding immortal “Mu Shi Sheng”, from should understand.








The distortion and real shape that therefore in the practice, the immortal mother appears, are the numerous spirit world prophet must study to imitate. Therefore:

“The road of practice grandmother. When by September nine and date of Autumnal equinox, the entering the inner rooms west approached, nine “Bai Chao Xian” mother. Finishes, but also north, hitting of upper teeth against lower nine. When thinks of the immortal mother along with four images, on Qing valuable element palace nine unreliable government office Jade Emperor township west Longli. Returns drops, enters in a trillion drying-floor, wished said:

The spiritualisation acquires understanding of esoteric teachings, flying scenery nine years, the congealing fine knot god, on is the gold immortal.

Mixes one, disperses the shape hundred million points, on makes too early morning, plan spatial soft cloud.

Maintains life Huang Lu, long spirit disaster year.Jin Jan element, the name publishes the emperor porch.

Forever will enjoy too China, with day with saving.

Finishes, swallows nine qi to stop supinely.In this nine spirits said that Peru has the room above nine days greatly, a all generations biography, does not die, repairs the Fei Xian.”

第二十四節 仙靈之道

Section : 24  God’s Road


Road’s of immortal spirit important characteristic is the birth and death is supplementary, spiritual energy exchange, beyond time and space; The road of immortal spirit is the child of origin extinguishes no repairing resting to stand and therefore the Mother is continue invisible, creation visible and omnipresent, from supreme all ten thousand has and nourishes the myriad things the spirit world Mother, should presently in four live six ten two phases to the Mother the spirit really big gods, mother role that as well as myriad things Wan Ling, bears children, and so on, these are Mother’s incarnations. Therefore, for long Mother’s spirit dissolves integrates lives six being passed on from generation to generation mother roles in four. Lies in ten thousand being mad Mu” on the performance in the spirit paradise, nine spirit real immortal Mu, is the origin souls mother, mother is gives birth to the origin souls the role.


The “Gui Shan” immortal mother changes the unreliable record, is not only eternally changing of Mother, the immortal spirit world all living things’ change is also so, based on the origin souls practice spirit strength, does the arrangement combination of image, the spirit world did not have the entity, to transform, the origin souls goal wants the practice, repairs the road of becoming an immortal spirit. Then form a human.

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