十神命格 10 Patron saints of Life by Master Hozn 崑崙泓師

十神命格 10 Patron saints of Life by Master Hozn 崑崙泓師

淨心神咒  The Mantra of cleaning Mind 太上台星。應變無停。The universe is full of innumerable stars. The stars are constandly changing.

驅邪縛魅。保命護身。 The world people drive out the evil to protect  themselves.  智慧明淨。心神安寧。As long as the clear wisdom,the quiet mind,

三魂永久。魄無喪傾。 the spiritual godhead are immortal. The soul will be eternal.  急急如律令。 Execute the order with haste as if an imperial command.

十神命格 10 Patron saints of Life by Master Hozn 崑崙泓師

剛開始,創天地之初,In the starting of earth created,

靈魂母娘為了使靈子們達到修行的目的,in order Mu Niang to enable the spirit children to achieve the purpose of practice.

先創造適合萬靈萬物居住的地球大自然生態,生物,Firstly,  Mother created the natural ecology which is suitable for biology.

再為心愛的靈子們創造靈活感應的身體,成為身心靈健全的人類. Next, created the flexible body for her love spirit children that become a human with the mankind with body,mind,spirit.

母娘運用陰.陽.五行.金.木.水.火.土.構成八卦:天.地.日.月.雷.風.山. 川.形成大自然生態. Mu Niang used the (Yin,Yang and five elements: Gold,Wood,Water,Fire,Earth) consisted the eight Trigrams (Heaven,Earth, Sun,Moon,Thunder,Winds,Mountains,Rivers) to form the natural ecology.

母娘也運用陰.陽.五行. .金.木.水.火.土.構成生命十神,守護人類. Mu Niang also use the (Yin,Yang and five elements: Gold,Wood,Water, Fire,Earth) to form the 10 Patron saints of Life to protect Human.

年,月,日,時依天干地支產生八字 Year, month, day, hour generate birthdate characters by the decimal and duodecimal cycle


Birthdate characters correspond with 7 stars.


The operation of Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Saturn  is closely related with the birthdate characters


Seven stars cause ten kinds of good or bad fortune energy

這十個守護神是 :  The 10 Patron saints of Life are as below :  正官(Oficer),偏官(Military),正印(Shield),偏印(Nimble), 劫財(Depletion),比肩(Associate),傷官(Commonder),食神(Provider), 正財(Wealth),偏財(ill Wealth).

甲、『正官命格』:中規中矩,完成上級所交付的任務 A.[Official Land Fate] :  Formal, completed the tasks given by superior ;

政府機構、大企業的軍公教,穩定的工作收入,朝九晚五, 一生中自有定算,不必擔心人生的起伏風險,  government; agencies; large enterprises, a stable income, start work from nine to five, life is its own count, does not have to worry about the ups and downs of life,

女帶正官則有好夫家,或者自己事業有成。  women who with a“Official Land  Fate” will obtained a good husband, or have their own  careers.

乙、『偏官命格』:總是需要勞心勞力的工作著, B.  [Partial Official Land Fate]  :  Always need of dedicated work.

雖是販夫走卒,但社會的低階層也能出人頭地,成為業中翹楚, 士農工商的中產階級 B.[Partial Official Land Fate]  :  Always need of  dedicated work. Although  in the  lower class  of  the street.  It can be succeed and become industry leaders,

最能體會人生的甘苦,大起大落的事業前途,繁華落盡雲煙處。 the middle class segment of society can good realize life’s joys, up and downs career prospects or succeed in owned careers.

丙、『正印命格』:天生麗質,男俊俏,女美麗; C. [Printed Land  Fate]   :   Natural beauty, Male look handsome, Girls look beauty

擁有智慧,適合深造研究,來自父母好的遺傳,自恃甚高,  got wisdom, suitable to further study.but Haughty

但容易依賴,總是承受別人的恩賜; Easy to rely on, always bear someone else’s gift;

容易生病,需要別人照料生活起居。 Easy to get sick, need someone to take care of daily life.

丁、『偏印命格』:擁有智慧以外的,多一層靈感,容易受感動, D. [Partial Printing Land  Fate ]  :  Got wisdom beyond, multi-layer inspiration, easy to feel,

見到母娘會掉眼淚,思想縝密,觸類旁通,有藝術家天份, 宗教家熱誠, when saw “Mu Niang” tears will drop, careful thought, got artiest talent, enthusiasm religionists

是母娘的『龍仙鳳女』,此命格與母娘最接近。 mother’s  “Dragon Immortal Phoenix Female”. This fate  is  closest to “Mu Niang”.

戊、『劫財命格』:喜歡消費花錢,文明社會的新潮流, 流行名牌的愛好者,E.      [Robbing Land Fate]  :  Like to spend money, the new trend of civilized society, the popular brand enthusiasts,

常遇劫難,較有意外發生;須比別人多注意安全,  often encountered catastrophe,  an accident occurs, must pay attention  to the safety  rather than others thing,

但大運來時,能夠『賺大錢』,日進斗金,傳奇性人物, 傾國傾城的女性。 it is possible to “make a lot of money”. And the woman got very beautiful.

己、『比肩命格』:豐沛的人脈,良好的人際關係,四海之 內皆兄弟,F.  [ Par Land Fate]  :  Rich of network people, good relationships,

成功的外交手挽,容易成為公眾人物,眾星拱月 successful in handle diplomatic, easy to become friend and demanded in public

有時卻招小人、遇人不淑;遭人陷害,成也兄弟,敗也兄弟。 sometimes can bring bad luck  and incurred in bad fate.

庚、『傷官命格』:霸氣的王寇性格,具領導氣質、專業知識, G.[ Injured Land Fate ]  :  King character, with leadership qualities,  expertise,

予人一針見血,不留情面,破局大王,但正是統帥性格, advise people so sagartic, commander character

女命易傷剋丈夫,男命有時上山,有時下海,事業浮沉、 天壤之別。僧道之命  female easy to hurt husband, sometimes career not stable.

辛、『食神命格』『食祿』與『神格』的相反『顯、隱』性格, H. [ God & Cookery Land Fate ]  :The relative character of God and Cookery

若『食祿』命格顯現則人好享受,生活優渥好命易胖。 The cookery like to enjoy life and become fat

反之;『神格』顯現則人必須苦修苦行,有宗教家的精神犧牲 奉獻,是神靈轉世,帶有天命。  The God character is with the destiny

壬、『正財命格』:有先天的財庫容易聚財,此財是辛苦勞力 之所得,I.     [ Wealth Official Land Fate]  : Owned wealth which comes from hard working

萬一不見財運是靈氣閉鎖;男人有財斯有妻,正財意味賢妻良母 no spirit, no money , the male will have a good wife,

女人則感情容易受傷,徒增煩惱,財多傷身;自身不見財卻 傷了身體。 The female will suffer in feelings,even illness.

癸、『偏財命格』:意外的財富,投機的金錢遊戲, J.[ Partial Wealth Official Land Fate ]  :  Unexpected wealth, speculative money game

可遇不可求的機運,不能守株待兔等待財運,要創造與生 俱來的靈感,Can not sit back and wait wait wealth, To create innate inspiration,

男人有偏財可能有老婆以外的女人,女人有偏財則可不必 靠勞力賺錢,Men may have the third, Women do not have to rely on labor can make money,

帶偏財的人容易鑽牛角尖,疑心較重。 A dead end, suspicion heavier


Because there are yin and yang,each 10 Patron saints is between good or bad.

對事情準確的判斷可以逢凶化吉 Accurate judgments about things you can be Good luck

感謝您,謝謝大家 Thanks all

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本篇發表於 第四章先天本命。將永久鏈結加入書籤。



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