我的靈源是甚麼 by 崑崙泓師 About my original spirit by Master Kunlun Hozn

我的靈源是甚麼 by 崑崙泓師 About my original spirit by Master Kunlun Hozn

我的靈源是甚麼? About my original spirit by Master Kunlun Hozn
Today Hong Master want to talk about a topic:
0:08常有師兄師姐來問我,原靈是甚麼? 我的靈源是甚麼?
There are some of Senior sisters apprentice brothers often ask me what is the
original spirit? What is my spiritual originated from?
0:23這個問題在普遍台灣傳統宗教裡的一些普通答案, 大部分會說:
The question which is in Taiwan’s traditional religion in general some common
answers, most of them will say:
0:39 你的靈是從觀世音菩薩來的!從九天玄女來的!,從王母娘娘來的!Your spirit is from The Bodhisattva! From The nine heaven! From the Queen Mother!
6:39或是從濟公!,帝君!, 玄天上帝或是三太子來的!, 林林總總…..
Or from The Monk! Emperor! Tien God or the Third Prince! And many ..
1:08 這就是多神教, 靈的源頭, 既然要談, 就要說清楚.
This is polytheism, but the source of the Spirit, as we have to talk, we must make it clear.
1:26 我認為神,只是一個歸因.靈的源頭,在身體裡有精,氣,神.
I think the reason why God answers, generally, only an approximate attribution. But the source of our spiritual, in the body there is Essence, Qi energy, Spirit.
2:12 神也未必是固定這幾尊神,以前沒有文明的時候是沒有文字的.如果說沒有文字那麼是哪一尊神明就不用說了.
If you have the style of God, but it does not necessarily mean these are fixed deity, because we want to understand our body, in fact, for thousands of years ago, in ancient period there is no text, if there is no text, so what deity is no need to say
2:18 或是說不能只談名相,這些文字名相, 名的一些相, 事實上這些都是文明創造出來的結果.
Or that cannot talk about external phase, phase name of the text, some of the phase name; In fact, these are the result of civilization created.
2:47 既然要談{靈}的源頭,我們必須要追根究底. 宗教不是只有文字,
Now to talk about the spirit of source, we must get to the bottom. Religion is not only text.
3:02 沒有文字的時代,原始人也有宗教也拜神,他們沒有名相.
No text of the times, the hominids also have their own religious, and worship God, and they have no the appearance of symbolic
3:20 地球有50億年的歷史跟基礎, 還有宇宙將近140億年,甚至包括醞釀,整個宇宙是200億年,
So we say that this world has been formed 5 billion years from Earth with the foundation, but there is no basis for 5 billion years the Earth…There is also a universe, the universe of nearly 140 years, and even brewing time 200 million years,
3:42 這200億年的宇宙, 泓師父用道經裡的一句話來形容: 放之則迷, 捲之則藏.
This is 20 billion years of the universe, Hong Master in a word to describe: Release to be confused; simple to be hidden.
4:01 大自然宇宙那麼大,擴散出去,就好像大霹靂,宇宙的爆炸理論非常之大.
Nature of the universe is so big, spread out, just like the big thunderclap; explosion theory of the universe is very large.
4:16 因為已經爆炸了,已經放開了, 好像瀰漫整個空間,它要有多大就有多大.
As it has been explosion, it has been released, as it filled the entire universe; it is
as big as it should have much!
4:28 但是,捲之則藏 這個宇宙不是我們現在的現實社會,
However, Simple to be hidden. In this universe is not our present social reality.
4:36 事實上它是所有的雲,霧,氣…等元素構成的,
In fact, it was constituted by clouds, fog, gas…and other elements
4:44 泓師父舉一個關鍵例子,電漿的世界應該可以說電子的世 界. 電漿的世界有多大?
Hong master cited a key example: The plasma in the world should be able to say that the electronic world. But how big for the plasma world!
5:06 不僅是光速甚至超過了光速, 好像是我們心靈上的思考,思緒一下子到了哪裡或一瞬間轉變觀念.Not only is the speed of light or exceed the speed of light, It seems like the thoughts of our mind, all of a sudden flew to anywhere or instant change their ideas.
5:36 這些都是沒有時間限制的,只有肉體被時間所限制.
These are no time restrictions, only the body is limited by time.
5:45 所以靈源應該在造物者–母娘—靈源的母親那裡的一條老靈根.
So in the spirit of the source should the Creator – Mother God – spiritual source of mother of an old spiritual root.
6:05 這個老靈根從200億年來演化到我們現有的肉體的一個連線.
The old spiritual roots from 20 billion years of the evolution to our existing connection to a physical.
6:28 就像是我們的手機需要網路連線你才能看得遠,了解更多.
Like our phones require an Internet connection you can see far ahead, learn more.
6:43 泓禪師在此藉著靈源的話題來讓大家能啟動心靈的靈性. 啟動心靈的靈性只有不斷的反省,思考. 過去,現在,未來…
Hong master in this spiritual source by topic so that we can start to the spiritual
mind. Start the spiritual soul only constant introspection, thinking. Past, present and future …
7:13 不要只看眼前的事情,還需要看得愈多且更要有思考的空間. 對於人也要有所認識.
Do not just look in front of things, you also need to have seen the more and more space to think. For the people have to be aware of.
7:25 如有機會,歡迎來跟泓禪師一起學習探討. 感恩!
Given a chance, welcome to study with Zen Master Wang to discuss. Appreciation!



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本篇發表於 末劫救世 泓仁導師 Doomsday Savior Psychic Master Hozn。將永久鏈結加入書籤。



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